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What are the benefits of Telehealth?

The outbreak of coronavirus has led to increase access to teleheath services and it seems to be making a very postive contribution to the way doctors see patients.  

The panedmedic has ushered in a new set of modern tools we can use to expand acces to care, reduce staff exposure, preserving scare supplies of PPE and reducing patient demand on facilities.  Telehealth policy changes might continue to support increased care access during and after the pandemic.

However, some supporters acknowledge the need for safeguards to prevent fraud, preserve quality and ensure the digital health revolution doesn’t leave behind low-income patients. 

Most Physicians and Caregivers seem to think the benefits out way the risk with their being very little evidence of widespread fraud in virtual care. There is also fraud in traditional care as well. We think.....Telehealth is here to stay.

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