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Nightwater Medical Center

Primary Care Physician & Concierge Medicine located in the South Market District serving Downtown New Orleans and greater New Orleans, LA
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Nightwater Medical Center


Also Serving California, New Hampshire and all of Louisiana. Request Appointment by Selecting State of Residence or Selecting Location.

Nightwater Medical Center in Downtown New Orleans, Louisiana, is a high-end primary care practice, led by Paul Ikemire, MD, that offers concierge care and PCP primary care focused on preventive medicine. Much like its location in the south market district of New Orleans, Nightwater Medical Center is a new, sleek, and modern practice that blends advanced medical technology with classic patient-doctor encounters. 

Nightwater Medical Center provides patients what they’re looking for in a primary care provider, including short wait times and personalized patient-focused care aimed at optimizing health and wellness. The luxurious high-end office with a spacious lobby is conveniently located near many favorite local restaurants, bars, and retail shops in Downtown New Orleans. 

The primary care practice specializes in lifestyle and disease management and prevention. The practice's areas of expertise include diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and weight loss. Nightwater Medical Center offers concierge medicine to provide patients with more attentive care. With telemedicine appointments through the concierge medicine program, Nightwater Medical Center sees patients throughout the state of Louisiana, as well as California. 

Telemedcine calls to the home or workplace are also available for patients that participate in the concierge medicine program at Nightwater Medical Center.

For patient-focused, personalized primary care, call Nightwater Medical Center, or schedule an appointment online today.

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Show concierge care payment plans: $49/month for concierge plan and care whenever wherever you need it or $149/visit

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$49/month or $149/visit





In addition to insurance coverage for sick visits and primary care, we offer concierge medicine plans for $49/month or $149 per visit. For more information or for questions regarding your insurance plan, call our office for assistance.

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Nightwater Medical Center
719 Okeefe Ave
New Orleans, LA 70113
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